PACES COVID-19 & Beirut Response Initiatives

In February 2020, PACES COVID-19 Initiative was launched, to continue supporting PACES beneficiaries and vulnerable communities impacted by the pandemic in Palestine, Jordan, and Lebanon. Later in August 2020, in response to the August 4 explosion, PACES also launched the Beirut Response Initiative to support communities affected by the blast, by focusing on: rehabilitation of residential and commercial units, medical treatment of those in need, food insecurity, education, and job security.


The direct beneficiaries of PACES program include three groups; children, young coaches, and local partners


All funds raised contribute to the direct cost of the program and help us continue building sustainable communities


The PACES programs are specifically designed to address distinctive global social goals


Our model is designed to ensure maximum benefit to beneficiaries, best utilization of resources and continuity


Palestine Association for Children’s Encouragement of Sports (PACES), is a UK based charity established in 2006, with the aim of providing healthy, structured after- school sports programs for Palestinian girls and boys ages 8-16 years Living in refugee camps and most marginalized and vulnerable areas in Palestine, Jordan, and Lebanon.

Hiking for PACES 2018

A hiking fundraising campaign bringing together PACES friends and supporters from around the world, with a mission to raise awareness about the organization and funds to support its core program.

Watch this video production where PACES friends share their experience about participating in the 2018 hike in Norway.

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Since 2006 PACES benefited

+ 30000


+ 2000


+ 100


+ 25


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