London Marathon 2022

For our 2022 fundraising campaign, we are excited to announce that PACES is participating at the 2022 London Marathon for the first time among the UK’s top charities. The 42km race takes place on the 2nd of October, 2022. We’re equally proud to announce that long-time friend of PACES, Helen Al Uzaizi, will be running for us. Helen is a triathlete and has been an active member of the PACES community since she ran the Dubai Marathon for PACES in 2016, and currently serves as a member on its Board of Trustees.

We have set up a campaign to lend further support to PACES’ Sports for Development program that has, to date, served more than 30,000 children and over 2,000 coaches and their communities in Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon. We invite you to take part and help make a difference today. All contributions will go directly to the program which provides healthy, structured after- school sports programs for girls and boys ages 8-16 years living in refugee camps and marginalized areas.

To learn more and contribute, click on the link below: